Yellow Alert

Yellow Alert is Children’s Liver Disease Foundation’s awareness campaign, promoting the early identification of liver disease in infants and their referral.

It is vital that liver disease in newly born babies is identified and treated as early as possible.


Know the early signs and symptoms of childhood liver disease

Prolonged jaundice (yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes) can be a sign of liver disease. It is defined as jaundice persisting beyond two weeks of age in a full-term baby and three weeks in a pre-term baby.

Persistently pale coloured stools may indicated liver disease. Healthy coloured stools can be described as ‘England mustard’ yellow in bottle fed babies and ‘daffodil’ yellow in breast fed babies.

A baby’s urine should be colourless. Urine which is anything other than colourless could be a possible sign of liver disease.

Babies with prolonged jaundice or abnormally coloured stools and/or urine must urgently be referred for a special blood test called a split bilirubin blood test to rule out potentially life threatening liver disease.


Yellow Alert materials

Ensure you can spot the signs and symptoms of liver disease in a newborn baby:

You can also download the Yellow Alert pack resources here:

Please note: digital printing of the stool colour chart featured in the materials above will result in alterations to colour. You can download the Yellow Alert app to see the chart or order printed versions from CLDF.


NICE Neonatal Jaundice Clinical Guidelines

NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) produce clinical guidelines which advise the NHS on how to care for and treat individuals with specific conditions or diseases. It applied to those living in England and Wales.

This guideline provides guidance on the recognition, assessment and treatment of neonatal jaundice in babies from birth to 28 days.

Visit the NICE website to download information and materials.

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