Your Stories, Our Achievements, 

Their Future.

“One day, not soon, but one day, these special sons and daughters will live; and when they do it is hoped that the parents of previous special children will have played a part. In that way the traumas experienced by children like Michael will have not been without reason.”

Peter and Sonia McGough, parents of Michael McGough, in 1979

The past 40 years have seen great progress in the treatment and quality of life for children with liver disease, though there is still much to be done.

Over the next few months, we shall be looking back on what has been achieved, thanking the many people and organisations who have helped the cause and looking to the future. We owe so much to our families and as we celebrate this milestone we hope to involve as many of you as possible. By following the links below, you’ll find out a little of CLDF’s story so far, read the stories of those people who have been a part of the charity over the past 40 years and find out how you can share yours.

CLDF – the story so far….