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A look back at MyMayMarathon 2020

Now into its third year, our latest MyMayMarathon campaign has seen people up and down the UK unite in a mission to cover 26.2 miles (or a variation of) over the month of May. The coronavirus situation this year presented difficulties we could never have anticipated – but nevertheless you rose to the challenge spectacularly.

It has been such an inspiration for the CLDF Team to hear about your fundraising efforts, especially in light of lockdown measures and all of the stresses and anxieties that accompany them.

A driving theme that has cropped up time and time again is the desire for our supporters to help others. Some like 12-year-old Jarno signed up to run 26.2 miles for people they have never met. Jarno wants to ensure that other children with liver disease have access to all the support they need on their liver journey. 8-year-old Imogen did the same, completing the 26.2 miles on her treadmill at home while in lockdown.

Imogen running on her treadmill at home

For others, the mission had a specific person in mind. Nathan took on running the full length of MyMayMarathon this year for his 15-year-old sister Mia, who was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis in 2019.

Of course, completing the physical distance of 26.2 miles simply wasn’t possible for many of those shielding, which is why we encouraged variations on the 2.6 theme this year too. This led to some fantastic innovation, including Charlotte’s efforts to cover learning 26 new pieces of clarinet music in 26 days. Charlotte is shielding and recently rediscovered her enthusiasm for playing music, which dropped off when she was having to deal with the highs and lows of her chronic liver disease.

We cannot thank everyone who took part this year enough. Your dedication to CLDF and your courage in taking on a fundraising challenge like MayMayMarathon makes us feel so privileged to be working with supporters like you. Not forgetting all of the generous donors too who have sponsored our fundraisers, especially at a time when many people are facing personal financial uncertainty. We couldn’t do what we do without you.

You’ll hear the fundraising total when we have it – for now, the money is still coming in. If you would like to contribute to this total then there is still time! Please see the links below.

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