CLDF’s trustees provide an oversight of our activities, contributing to the development of our strategy and future vision. Their faces and voices may not be as familiar to you as those of our support and fundraising teams, but they play a crucial role, ensuring that our services and practices are in keeping with our aims and that we adhere to the legal and financial requirements of a charitable organisation.

The chair of our board of trustees is Mairi Everard:

“I have been a trustee of CLDF since 2005. A family member’s son was born with biliary atresia and had one of the early transplants to treat the condition. I have watched him grow up, dealing with the challenges he and his family have faced, and hope that this has helped me in my role with the charity.

Professionally I have worked as a social worker in child care, child protection, and with children with disabilities, and their families. I have also managed family support services within several charities offering services to children with many disabilities, and have an understanding of the difficulties families and young people face, and the role charities can play in helping them.”

Our other trustees are:

Dr Simon Colson
Ms Kate Dinwiddy
Mr Joel Glover
Professor James Neuberger
Mr Philip Orme
Mr Michael Roach
Mrs Georgina Sugden
Mr Christopher Williamson