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Children’s Liver Disease Foundation’s T-Shirts

By April 4, 2018 No Comments

Children’s Liver Disease Foundation are excited to launch our new-look T-Shirts!

The CLDF T-Shirt, which has been worn by thousands of fundraisers, has had a revamp with a new design thanks to 10 year old competition winner Ruth.

Her picture shows her journey with her liver condition and how CLDF have been there for her at every stage.

Ruth with her new T-shirt!

Ruth told us: “I have always loved drawing and love people to see my drawings so the thought of designing the back of a T-shirt really appealed to me. Also CLDF is such a good cause, I always want to support them.

“I was so excited to win and even more so when I saw my picture on the T-shirt. I love how the colours look – they have done a really good job!”

We sent her a T-Shirt so she could see her printed design for the first time… here she is opening it!

For the last 10 years the CLDF T-Shirts have featured a design by Megan, whose little sister Aimee has a liver condition.

Megan told us, “I was very excited when I found out that I’d won the T-shirt competition. I couldn’t believe that my design was going to be printed on the T-shirt and worn by thousands of people, I loved watching big runs that aired on the tv to see if I could spot my design on the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation T-shirts and I was never disappointed there was always someone running with my design on their back! I loved it, I was so proud and Aimee was excited too.

“I can’t believe it’s been 10 years it’s gone so fast. A little bit of me is sad that my design is going to be replaced but I’m happy that another little girl or boy is going to get the chance to experience the happiness and excitement that I felt back when I was 8 years old.”

Megan (right) and Aimee today with Megan’s original T-shirt design

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