CLDF welcomes new Lancet Report

The fourth report of the Lancet Standing Commission on Liver Disease in the UK is published today and CLDF is delighted to see that paediatric liver disease features prominently in its recommendations.

“The Commission has recommended that the three specialist paediatric liver centres (Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Leeds General Infirmary and Kings College Hospital) are given more support in their efforts to improve early diagnosis,” says Chief Executive Alison Taylor, one of the co-authors of the report. “Its research has found that while the majority of new born babies who have prolonged jaundice are referred to a specialist centre before the age of eight weeks, a small number are still being referred late and therefore unable to benefit from early surgery.

“This is the whole essence of our Yellow Alert campaign. It’s vital that all health professionals are aware of the signs of liver disease in babies and we shall be placing an even greater focus on this in the coming months.

“The Commission also recommends continuity of care in transition arrangements as young people transfer to adult services, again something we are wholeheartedly behind. A document specifying training requirements for doctors who care for young adults has been submitted to the Specialist Advisory Committee for Gastroenterology and we shall be following developments in this area closely.”

Read the full report here.