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Football Fun in Cardiff

By March 20, 2018 No Comments

Thank you to all the families who joined us at our recent Cardiff family day on Saturday 17th March 2018. We had a fantastic day of fun activities hosted by Cardiff City Football Club Foundation.

After introductions for new families, and a chance to say hello again to those we already knew, we went on a tour of the Cardiff City Stadium.

A fantastic lunch was followed by the chance for families to catch up with each other. Parents joined CLDF to talk about the value of family events while their children tried their hands at a wide range of sports including football, tennis and hockey!

Later they were joined by their parents, who were even more competitive!

Medals were given out to celebrate everyone’s achievements before families headed home through the falling snow

Families told us they had had a “fun and creative day” and that they enjoyed “spending time together without tablets and consoles”.

A big thank you to the staff from Cardiff City Football Club Foundation, who were very helpful and great fun. Above all, thanks to all the families who attended for making the journey, joining in the conversations and being great company. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

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