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Gemma’s face covering fundraising for CLDF

Here Gemma talks about what she has been doing to fundraise for CLDF during the pandemic and why she chose to raise funds in this way: 

My family are long term supporters of CLDF as they provided essential support for us when I had my liver transplant in 1994 and continued to do so throughout my childhood and beyond. We are very aware that all charities are currently facing significant difficulties under current circumstances. Children who are having/have had liver transplants are particularly vulnerable during these current times and CLDF continues to do great work to support these families as they have to make some difficult decisions.

As a thank you to the charity we have been asking our friends and family to donate to CLDF in return for handmade face coverings that they can use in public places to help take a step in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and to decrease their risk of infection. We have been making headbands too!

I am very pleased to say that so far we have raised £125.00 and we have more orders coming through so we will continue to donate.

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