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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 1952 – 2022


“Our thoughts  and condolences are with the Royal Family and with everyone who feels a deep sense of loss at the Queen’s passing,” says CLDF Chief Executive, Rebecca Cooper.

“The death of a monarch is something most of us will never have experienced before and it’s clear that the effects are being felt around the UK and indeed around the world.

“We’re keenly aware that last week’s events and the subsequent continuing media coverage focusing on loss and grief may be very difficult for some of our families. If this is the case for you, this is completely normal. Please reach out for help and do not struggle alone.”

The following organisations can be contacted for immediate support:

Home – Cruse Bereavement Support – national bereavement charity

The Compassionate Friends ( – supporting bereaved parents and families

Supporting children following the death of the Queen | Winston’s Wish ( – specialist support for children and young people

Childline | Childline – for young people who need to speak to someone

GriefChat – Transforming Access to Bereavement Counselling – for those who find it easier to chat online than speak on the phone.

The above are just some of the organisations who can help. If you need further assistance in accessing support please email

As Britain mourns the death of its longest serving monarch, we would love to know what the Queen meant to our families, supporters and partners. Did any of you get to meet her or see her on her extensive travels around the UK?

Do you have any special memories or maybe just some thoughts you would like to share?

Please send any words and/or pictures to

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