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CLDF backs new study into hepatitis outbreak

Latest on Acute Paediatric Hepatitis outbreak

Posted on 9th August 2022 

It appears likely that the outbreak of Acute Paediatric Hepatitis, which has now affected 270 children in the UK, of whom 15 required a liver transplant, has been triggered by two common viruses.

Researchers from the  MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research (CVR) and the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health believe that infants exposed later than normal – because of Covid restrictions – missed out on some early immunity to:

  • adenovirus, which normally causes colds and stomach upsets, and
  • adeno-associated virus two, which normally causes no illness and requires a coinfecting “helper” virus – such as adenovirus – to replicate.

Once lockdown was ended, the viruses made a comeback, triggering some rare but very serious cases of hepatitis. The rate of new cases has now declined.

CLDF Chief Executive, Rebecca Cooper, commented: “We welcome new information about this outbreak and are pleased to note that new cases are declining. We’re continuing to support families affected by these cases and to work with the BPSU study (see below) which will run until next year to fully understand the causes of these cases.”

The latest statement from the UK Health Security Agency on these cases is available here


CLDF supports study into the outbreak of Acute Paediatric Hepatitis

CLDF is supporting a study into the outbreak of Acute Paediatric Hepatitis which is being undertaken by the British Paediatric Surveillance Unit (BPSU) team in conjunction with the three paediatric liver units.

The study has been launched this month in response to the increasing numbers of Acute Hepatitis in children reported to the UK Health Security Agency.

The BPSU is collecting data on cases in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland reported since January 1st 2022. The surveillance, which will run for 13 months, is urgently needed to understand viral, non-viral or unidentified causes of these cases.

The aim is to provide useful information about the condition for doctors looking after affected children, public health specialists and researchers who would like to better understand the condition and develop effective treatments.

Katherine Myles, interim Chief Executive of CLDF commented: “In addition to the work we are doing supporting parents affected by these recent cases, we’re  pleased to support this research by the BPSU, as well as the ongoing close monitoring of cases by the UK’s three specialist paediatric liver units: Kings’ College Hospital, Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Leeds Children’s Hospital.  We hope the resultant data will help build a clear picture and  increase our understanding of this situation, enabling us to better support those families affected.”

Full details of the study are available here BPSU Study – Acute Hepatitis 22 | RCPCH


Increase in hepatitis cases

posted April 21 2022

Children’s Liver Disease Foundation is the only UK charity dedicated to fighting all childhood liver diseases and as such we are receiving a number of media enquiries in relation to the recent spike in hepatitis cases in young children. For the most current clinical updates we are signposting enquirers to updates on the UK Health Security Agency (formerly Public Health England) Increase in hepatitis (liver inflammation) cases in children under investigation – GOV.UK (

Although the number of cases is small, it represents an increase in what we would expect to see and is distressing for those families involved.

CLDF works closely with clinicians to provide clear, accurate and up to date information on a wide range of childhood liver conditions which we make available both to health professionals and to families and young people affected by childhood liver disease. We are proud to make this information freely available via our website and in leaflet form Liver Information and Advice | Children’s Liver Disease Foundation (

The leading hypothesis is now that the cause of the outbreak is an adenovirus, which would normally cause the common cold, but is having a severe effect on young children because lockdown restrictions meant that they were not exposed to it in their early years. More information is here Deadly outbreak of children’s hepatitis linked to lockdown (

In the meantime, we would encourage any families whose children have been affected by the latest outbreak to contact us via our website or on 0121 212 3839 so that we can provide them with information and emotional support.

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