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International NASH Day 2020

International NASH Day is dedicated to increasing awareness about non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) among the general public, at-risk patients, medical professionals, public health authorities, and the media. It is organised by the Global Liver Institute and is to be held on 12th June this year.

There will be locally-organised events (COVID-19 permitting) and virtual campaigns around the world in order to promote early intervention to treat fatty liver disease and its more advanced form, NASH, which affects more than 115 million people worldwide.

A range of information materials have been developed to educate communities of all types and are available to download and print.

If you want to share your personal stories of NASH as an individual or parent/caregiver to inform, inspire, and help others you can share your story and view others online here.

Virtual panels will also take place on June 12th with speakers from different professions and specialisms. More information about the panels, speakers and access will be available here closer to the day.

CLDF believe this a much needed initiative in order spread awareness of a condition which is increasing in prevalence in children and young people. We are fully supportive of campaigns, initiatives and programmes which encourage early intervention (healthy eating and exercise) to reduce the need for a lifetime of medical care.

Join us in raising awareness of International NASH Day by sharing posts and information in the run up to 12th June using #NASHday . You can visit the International NASH Day website for full information, resources and videos here.


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