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It’s been a huge learning experience

Arlston, who lives in central London, will be running the London Marathon for the first time on Sunday.  He won’t have far to get to the start line but is no less excited about the big event.


“I’ve wanted to do the London Marathon since I took up long distance running a few years ago but I’ve never been lucky enough to get a place,” says Arlston, a 34 year old software engineer.

“I’ve chosen to run for CLDF because I think children’s health conditions are an area which deserves our support.  I have encountered some loss in my family due to CKD and NALFD so I understand a little about the effects on an individual and everyone around them. I believe it is important to ensure that these diseases are researched and understood better for our collective wellbeing.

“Preparing for the marathon has been a huge learning experience, but definitely very rewarding. I actually think that training has been easier than fundraising, which is tougher than I thought! But  I’m grateful to everyone who has supported me. It’s brilliant to think I’ll be doing something so positive for a cause which is very important to me.

“I’m now tapering my training as I want to be well rested and ready for Sunday. I have a target time of 3:15, but I’d be happy if I can complete by 3:30. I know the atmosphere is going to be amazing and now I’m just ready to get started!”

You can support Arlston’s London Marathon challenge at  Children’s Liver Disease Foundation: Arlston’s page (

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