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It’s Make A Will month

Did you know that March is Make a Will Month? Many solicitors are happy to make your Will for free this month, so if you don’t already have one, it’s a great reason to get it sorted out!

Many people choose to leave a gift in their Will to a charity and here Nikki explains why she and her husband Spence plan to leave something to CLDF:

Leaving a gift in our Wills for CLDF was a very easy decision for us to make some two years ago when we decided to update them.

Our youngest son Bradley was born with Biliary Atresia in November 1999 and did not have a good start in life. He had a Kasia on Christmas eve, and his prognosis was very poor indeed, he was not expected to make his first birthday. We certainly had quite a few challenging years with him and would not have got through it without the support of CLDF. Bradley is now 22, fit and well and has a career as an Engineering Geologist which he loves.

We are an NHS family and having had a career as a lead Specialist Nurse I have been involved in much research and care of patients and families over many years. Our eldest son is a Paramedic and our whole family are involved one way or another within the NHS.

The reason for providing this support is that we wanted to help improve children’s care, support research including new and ongoing, literature for parents, carers and children. We also wanted to help support families and children during not only difficult times but good times too. I can clearly remember wishing for no family to go through what we did and the help we received from CLDF really did make a difference.

We have been blessed with lots of support from CLDF over the years and feel that to help them with their cause, with a donation from our wills is so very worthwhile. We are very keen to support the CLDF in any aspect they need and also to support ongoing and new research into children’s liver diseases. This will hopefully help increase knowledge, improve care and allow children to lead as normal a life as possible.

We feel that any support that we can give, no matter how little the step in the right direction to improving the lives of our little ones and their families until they reach adulthood and become more independent. At the end of the day, it is not only our baby or child who has a Liver Disease, it is their immediate family, grandparents and friends who also feel it too. This is our experience with Bradley and even his Nanna found the CLDF really helpful during some of our very difficult times.

With this in mind we changed our Wills and spoke to all our family, so they were aware of our wishes, they were all very supportive of this.

Thank you CLDF for all your support and care over many years.

If you haven’t made a Will and would like to please go to  Free online Wills – Remember A Charity (not available in Scotland).

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