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It’s my favourite thing to do

We love to share stories of young people who have grown up with liver disease and are pursuing their dreams so it’s great to hear from  25 year old Sarah Jayne, who loves to sing.

I was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis when I was about 14. I’ve not had to have a liver transplant but, growing up, I was always really tired all the time and got sick very easily. I felt like it impacted my social life so I struggled to feel normal. But ultimately I think it made me stronger as a person because I learnt how to deal with a lot at a young age.

My health is doing OK now. I do feel tired a lot but I don’t take liver meds anymore and my bloods are normal, other than slight vitamin deficiency. I am just focusing on staying as active and healthy as I can.

I first came to contact with CLDF shortly after I was diagnosed around the age of 14. I got to meet other people with liver disease and go on really fun trips and had a large support group if ever I needed to ask any questions. This has given me a lot of good memories and I would encourage any young person with liver disease to get in touch with CLDF because the team is wonderful. Everyone is so understanding.

I have always enjoyed music and have been singing as long as I can remember. I’m still a little shy but it’s my favourite thing to do. At the moment I just record in my living room and serenade my two bunnies, Fudge and Nellie.

I have a few recordings and am hoping to release music on Spotify. I have an Instagram account @sarahjaynesings where I post updates about my music. I’m hoping to make a lot more music in 2023. I would love to sing professionally if I could but for now it’s my favourite hobby.

My day job is a medical secretary for a colorectal surgeon at a hospital. I absolutely love it. The consultant I work for is lovely and my favourite part of the job is helping the patients. Also I love how my colleagues accept my weird quirks such as my obsession with pig decorations (my desk is full of them)! I’m really proud of the progress I have made working for the NHS.

You can hear Sarah Jayne’s beautiful voice for yourself here

Ariel (from Disney’s The Little Mermaid) – Part of Your World by sarahjaynesings on Smule: Social Singing Karaoke App

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