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James told his story for Big Yellow Friday

By February 1, 2018 No Comments

Mum Rachel shared her son James’ story about fundraising for Big Yellow Friday in school…

I had originally asked if we could do a bun sale in James’ year (6) to raise funds for Big Yellow Friday. It was James’ headmaster who suggested we do it through all of Junior School and that James should give a talk to each of the classes about CLDF and why we were involved and raising money.

It was very easy to arrange, the school sent a flyer out to all parents asking for baking contributions, money to buy buns and a donation of their choice to wear something yellow and there was a small amount of information about James and CLDF.

James presentation - cakes

Yellow cake decorations are popular on Big Yellow Friday!

James made his PowerPoint presentation on the computer at home and emailed it to the headmaster who then forwarded it on to all classes in Junior School (from reception through to year 6) so on the day James and his friend went to each classroom and could do the presentation without having to take notes with him.

We were completely overwhelmed just from the response from the flyer that had gone out at the amount of baking donations brought in and money that had been sent in with the children. The response from his classmates and other children was fantastic. The younger children wanted to know how the Dr had taken James’ old liver out and what did they use e.g. a screwdriver?? The teachers said that James answered all the questions very sensibly and that they also learnt such a lot from his talk that they weren’t aware of. One teacher came up to me in tears to say how amazing he was and she had never heard of CLDF but would support the charity now.

James presenting to a class at his school on Big Yellow Friday

The impact on our fundraising was huge and as importantly the awareness of the charity and organ donation.

I had a lot of parents approaching me afterwards saying how their children had come home and told them all about James and that they had had no idea what he had been through.

James didn’t say very much about it which is normal for him and it took a lot of courage at ten years old to stand up and speak to so many people but he said he enjoyed it and he seemed so grown up that day.

It was very simple but it got the message through to so many children, parents and teachers more than just a bun sale or even running a marathon could do!

If you would like ideas or help for approaching your child’s school for Big Yellow Friday please get in touch on byf@childliverdisease.orgFind out more fundraising ideas here!

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