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King of the Ring Ryan raises £500 for CLDF

Ryan has raised £500 for CLDF this year by taking part in two boxing matches! Here he explains why he chose this particular fundraising route.


My stepdaughter, Summer, was born with a rare liver disease and had a transplant when she was just 11 months old. CLDF have been there for her and my wife all along and I know that support will continue as Summer grows up. So when I saw that the gym I attend was running white collar boxing events, it sounded like a great way of giving myself a real challenge  – boxing is something I’ve always wanted to try – and raising money for a cause which is important to me.

As you might expect, training for a boxing event is tough. For this most recent bout, we had a ten week program and it was really hard. As the day of the fight got nearer, I was both nervous and excited. Knowing that friends and family were coming alone definitely spurred me on.

The fight itself went really well – my opponent threw the towel in at the start of the second round.  I have to admit the whole experience was really exciting. Taking the win was the cherry on the top and to force a stoppage was amazing for my friends and family to witness.

I was also really proud to raise so much for CLDF. I was shocked by everyone’s generosity during this cost of living crisis and I can’t thank people enough for their kind donations.

Summer was there on the night and she loved it! She’s doing OK at the moment but is awaiting a liver biopsy. So seeing me in the ring fighting for her and for CLDF meant the world to her.

To anyone else who is tempted by the idea of a white collar boxing event I would say just do it! There is no better way of getting into shape. I should know – I lost two stone whilst training for this! The likeminded people you’ll meet along your journey will be friends for life, and in turn you will find a passion for the art of boxing, learning the skill and dedication along the way.

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