Transplant Storybook

Talking to children about liver transplantation

CLDF has produced Joe’s Liver Transplant Story to help children to understand what a liver transplant is and to learn about the processes involved.

It’s targeted at 4 – 8 year olds but can be used with younger and older children as a starting point for discussion.

The story is designed to be used by play specialists, psychologists or parents with children and tells Joe’s story from liver transplant assessment right through to recovery after the transplant.

The book is suitable for:

  • Children who are the waiting list for a liver transplant
  • Children who have undergone a liver transplant in the past
  • Siblings and friends of children who have had or need a liver transplant

The book is available to be ordered by:

  • Parents of children who have had a transplant
  • Friends and families of children who have had a transplant
  • Healthcare professionals (including play specialists, psychologists, transplant coordinators and specialist nurses)

CLDF Chief Executive, Alison Taylor says:

“We are delighted that this book can now be used to explain the liver transplant process to children. Specialist staff at the three liver units in the UK are now able to use it as and when required during the transplant preparation process. In addition we can make it available to help children who have been through transplant to help them understand what has happened to them and to fully understand the changes to their body.”

If you would like to know more about Joe’s Transplant Story contact our Support Team Manager on or 0121 212 6009.