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Maisie’s Achievements in 2020

Covid 19 has challenged us all this year, however, CLDF have been there to support along the way.

Many of the young people have experienced isolation whilst shielding and have found it beneficial to meet others in their situation via CLDF’s zoom session.

During this time Maisie has especially found the support from CLDF vital. She has made new friends online that she can reach out to and contact when she feels like a chat. Maisie has also had some challenges over the past couple of months as her work contract came to an end. She reached out to Louise, the Young Peoples Digital Engagement Officer, to share what had happened.

After some time together Maisie and Louise spoke about options. Louise suggested Maisie could reach out to the Prince’s Trust where she could enquire about joining the enterprise programme to work on setting up her own business. Maisie found this to be a good step forward and in her own time investigated further.

“The love and support I have had has been truly amazing. It has shown me even more that I can achieve anything that I would like in life. The Zoom calls have played a massive part in my life during Covid and lockdown. They have shown me that I have more people around me who have shown me incredible amounts of love, care and support.”

Maisie has come so far as she did not know any other young people who had similar health-related experiences and now has made a network of supportive friends. Maisie has been completing online courses at home and starts the Princes Trust programme in a few days’ time. Maisie is also picking up bank shifts at her old workplace.

CLDF could not be prouder of Maisie during these hard times.

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