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As her daughter Cydney was approaching her 8th birthday, Donna decided the time was right to put on a fundraiser. 

CLDF is a fantastic charity which will always be close to my heart. It was very difficult for us when Cydney was a baby because although we know she has a rare liver disease, we have never been given a diagnosis.  CLDF were there for us then and now and I know that’s the case for the lovely families we’ve met while we’ve been in hospital too. I also want to know that CLDF will be there for Cydney as she grows up. So I planned a Girls Night Out fundraising evening.

The fundraising actually began at the start of the week when my mother’s Wellbeing Monday Club at church put money into collection pots and brought in some costume jewellery to be raffled that Friday night.

Cydney at the girls night

The evening itself took place at St Chad’s Bowls Club, who immediately boosted our total by donating the room hire fee to the charity. We had six games of bingo, a raffle, a table sale  and a photo booth which proved very popular (a huge thank you to Melissa for donating half the proceeds).  Cydney herself made over £20 with a Guess the Name of the cuddly dog competition, and then it was time to dance the night away!

It was brilliant fun and when we realised that we’d raised £750, I was thrilled. It felt like a wonderful way to celebrate Cydney being eight years old and to know that we’re helping other people in our situation. I would say to anyone planning a fundraiser, if you make it fun and do something you enjoy, then it won’t feel like hard work!

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  • Karen Cavanagh says:

    I’m Cydney Nan, it was a great fun night, we will do this again, and urge people to do what we done make it fun

  • Melissa says:

    Hi im Melissa Photography … enjoyed this event … and it was a pleasure to take this picture and pictures if family and friends … looking forward to the next 1 …. thanks again for letting me be apart of this event

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