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More young people happy to consider non-alcoholic drinks

A study which reveals that young people are increasingly looking for low or no-alcohol drinks when socialising is welcome news to many of our young people.

Research carried about by YouGov for the Portman Group found that 18-24 year olds were the most sober group of all with 39% not drinking at all and 44% describing themselves as occasional or regular drinkers of alcohol alternatives  Younger people turning down booze as almost half say they go for low or no-alcohol drinks | UK News | Sky News.

Twenty-two year old Louis, who like many young people with a liver condition, was concerned that not drinking alcohol  would affect his social life as a student, said:

“It’s like a breath of fresh air to have the concept that alcohol is absolutely necessary in order to have a good time, challenged in this way. Alcohol is such a significant part of the social scene that for young people like us, knowing it is not available  can create a real sense of isolation and discomfort.  Looking at data like this and realising that actually almost half of young people,  even when they’re not governed by health-based considerations, are choosing to drink low or non-alcoholic drinks anyway is very reassuring.  We’re by no means alone drinking alcohol free!”

If you’re a young person concerned about how your liver condition can impact your social life please contact us at

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