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New leaflet for PSC

CLDF is delighted to launch our new leaflet on Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. Previously, information on PSC was included in our leaflet on autoimmune liver conditions but as feedback from medical professionals and families indicated that there were specific differences in PSC in children, and as it is a complex condition, we felt a dedicated leaflet was needed. Thank you to healthcare professionals at the three specialist liver centres who supported the development of this leaflet as well as parents who reviewed the information with us.

The new leaflet contains clearly presented information on what PSC is, its causes, diagnosis and treatment. Families can order your free copy here. Professionals can order through this order form or by emailing Alternatively, you can read the information online and download the leaflet here.

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  • Elaine McCulloch says:

    I am glad to have a separate upto date leaflet on PSC as it is a overlap condition with AIH it’s much easier to separate the conditions but also link them for Nursery’s, School’s, After School Clubs, Family, Friends & the patient (child) to understand themselves, it is great snd a very well written tool.

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