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New pack to support siblings

Siblings of children with a liver disease will benefit from a new resource pack specially designed by CLDF. The two-part pack, which has been devised with input from families of children with a liver condition, includes information for parents on the issues which siblings can face and advice on how to address them. There is also plenty of information aimed at siblings themselves, with lots of tips to help them cope.

Head of Support, Michelle Wilkins, explained: “We know that having a child with liver disease in the family can have a huge impact on siblings, from separation anxiety when parents  have to spend time in hospital to worry about their brother or sister or jealousy of the attention they are receiving. This pack has been designed as a practical resource to reassure families that all of this is perfectly normal and to help siblings through what can be a tough time.”

If you would like a copy of the sibling resource pack email , order online or call 0121 212 6023.

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