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New story book to help families facing transplant trauma

By February 15, 2018 No Comments

A new story book, designed to help children who are facing a liver transplant, has been welcomed by a West Yorkshire family who know all too well what the experience entails.

Joe’s Liver Transplant Story‘, published by Children’s Liver Disease Foundation (CLDF) is based on a real life story and has the full approval of Emma McDonald from Ossett, whose five year old son Freddie underwent a liver transplant two years ago.

“I have read the book with both my boys and they enjoyed it,” says Emma. “Because Freddie was so young when he had his surgery, he doesn’t realise that this is what happened to him. But he will have questions in the future and this book will be a really helpful way of explaining it all to him. His older brother Louie, however, was five at the time of Freddie’s transplant and remembers it very clearly. He identified with the book straight away as he knew this was what had happened to our family.”

Emma, Louie and Freddie

Emma reads Joe’s Liver Transplant Story with her sons Louie and Freddie

The book was introduced by CLDF as part of the support the charity provides to families affected by childhood liver disease. Chief Executive, Alison Taylor, explained:

“Whilst there are many children’s books about going into hospital, we were conscious that there was nothing specific about transplant and wanted to produce something which would explain the process using language and pictures a young child can understand.

“We were fortunate enough to work with a mum who had been through the experience with her own child, and a fantastic illustrator in order to present the whole process as simply as possible. We also had input from health professionals at the three paediatric liver transplant centres, including Leeds Children’s Hospital, where Freddie was treated, and feedback from other parents who have been through transplant with their children.

“The book is now available to all children awaiting a liver transplant and is also intended as a resource for children like Freddie who went through it when they were very young, and to siblings to help them understand what their brother or sister is going through.

“We’re delighted to hear that Freddie and Louie enjoyed the book and hope it will prove valuable to all families who are facing the prospect of a liver transplant for their child.”

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