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Novel Coronavirus (COVID 19)

We are receiving lots of calls and requests for information about Coronavirus.  It’s understandable that people are concerned about how the outbreak will affect their children. Please be assured that we have received no information from healthcare professionals that suggests children with liver disease need to take different precautions than those recommended by the government for the general population.

The situation is evolving and it is important to keep up to date on guidance given by Public Health England who are responsible for managing health advice during this time.

A detailed Q & A from Public Health England is available here and is updated daily.

It is essential that we all adhere to the advice being given by Public Health England.

  • Keep up to date on Public Health Information.
  • Follow travel advice when making trips abroad and when returning to the UK following a recent trip. Specific advice can be found in the Q & A link given above.
  • Handwashing – Strongly adhere to the advice about frequent and effective handwashing for the whole family. Make regular handwashing part of your family’s routine in line with government advice. When out and about, wash your and your family’s hands when you return home. We know this can be more challenging for younger children so we have provided some useful links below to support you.

Handwashing techniques:

Here are some links we have found to online resources about handwashing for younger children:

  • Self-isolate in line with advice from government sources. If you need to self-isolate make sure you follow advice about how to do this effectively.

  • If you or a family member are experiencing any symptoms ring 111. The team have access to the latest advice and take into account any specific ongoing medical needs you or family members may have. The three specialist paediatric liver centres in the UK are directing all families to use this service.

Note regarding clinic and outpatient appointments

Following discussion with the specialist units, none are planning to cancel outpatient appointments at this specific time. If they are going to cancel your appointment for any reason, they will be in touch with you directly.

We know this is a worrying time for everyone but especially for families with a child affected by an ongoing medical issue. Keep up to date on and follow Public Health advice. Children’s Liver Disease Foundation will update you with any further correspondence from specialists should this be received.

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