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Government launches opt-out organ donation plans in England

By February 1, 2018 No Comments

Children’s Liver Disease Foundation has welcomed the launch of the Government’s consultation into a proposed opt-out organ donation system for England.

Under the proposed new system it would be assumed that you were happy to donate your organs unless you had opted out of the organ donor register

Click here to fill out the consultation and have your say on an opt out system.

Every day around three people die in the UK waiting for a transplant, while more than 1,000 families say no to organ donation every year.

However, we also want to remind people that talking about your decision is vital. Even with an opt out system, family consent is required before organ donation can take place.

NHS Blood and Transplant’s figures show that 1,100 families in the UK decided not to allow organ donation because they were unsure, or didn’t know whether their relatives would have wanted to donate an organ or not.

Make sure you have the donation conversation with your loved ones so they know the choice to make at the important time.

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