How CLDF Can Support You and Your Child

If your child, or a child in your family, has a liver disease, it’s very easy to feel like you’re alone. You’re not. CLDF is here for you and we’ll be with you every step along your journey, wherever that may lead.

Our Families Team can be contacted on 0121 212 6023 or 07533 092801, by email at: or via Facebook.

You can order any of CLDF's support leaflets here

Support Information

We have both printed and online information to help you and your family through your liver journey.

Living With Childhood Liver Disease

Find useful information on coping with the various aspects of living with liver disease.

Childhood Liver Diseases- Medical Information

Find more information on all the childhood liver conditions, including symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

Talk To Someone

Our Families and Young People’s teams are here to support all families, friends and relatives who may have queries about a childhood liver condition or perhaps just need a chat.

Your hospital appointments

Our top tips on making the most of your liver clinic appointments.

Share Your Story

Share your experience and let the world know your story!