Regular Giving

Not everyone has the time to organise fundraising events but a regular gift is a great way of helping families affected by liver disease to get the information and support they need, as well as helping fund vital research.

Here Alice explains why she prefers to give this way…

“I’m a music teacher and my work is a mix of going into schools and teaching individual pupils at home. It means I have first-hand experience both of receiving a small but regular amount each month from some clients as well as spending time preparing and issuing bills for others.

I know that it’s much easier to plan when you know there is money coming in so I thought the same principle should apply to my support of CLDF. The monthly gift was easy to set up and I can change the amount as and when I need to. Fundraising is great fun and we generally try and do some carol singing every Christmas but at least this way I know I am giving regular support without the pressure of planning a big event!”