Thanks to Children’s Liver Disease Foundation’s amazing fundraisers we are able to provide funding for a variety of projects exploring childhood liver disease. CLDF has a strong track record of supporting research, with over £9 million of research funding delivered since 1980. Most of this money has been donated by families, friends, relatives and other supporters.

Research not only enhances our understanding of childhood liver disease and improves available treatments but it gives children, young people and their families hope for a better future.

CLDF funds a wide range of projects including clinical, lab based and social science research all focused on aspects of childhood liver disease. Find out more about the projects we are currently funding.

The decision to award funding is made by CLDF’s Scientific Committee. They are a group of experts who ensure research funded by CLDF is rigorous and is most likely to have a positive impact on children with liver disease and their families.

We can only continue to support research because of the money you raise. We don’t receive any NHS funding and completely rely upon donations. If you would like to support us to continue funding research into childhood liver disease you can donate here or find out more about fundraising and how you can get involved.

CLDF is a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities.