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Round up of Organ Donation Week 2020

Over the last week our families have shared their stories with us to help raise awareness of organ donation and thank their donors and donor families. Remember to share our messages to continue raising awareness throughout the year. Here are some beautiful thoughts from Helen to end Organ Donation Week 2020.

Never Ever …..
I will never, ever be able to express how truly grateful I am that you saved my son’s life that fateful April day.
I don’t just think about you on the anniversary of his transplant, or his birthday, but when he makes me laugh, cry, or fill up with frustration and anger; when he looks tired, upset, or ecstatically happy.
All these moments are only possible because of you and would not have been possible without you , and the decision you made to save someone’s life when you lost yours.
I wish you could both be here, happy and healthy and enjoying the world. However, I promise you Oscar will make the most of the life you have given him, and we will never, ever forget you. (Helen)

Ways you can support the campaign and help raise awareness:

  • Share our posts to spread the word or follow @NHSOrganDonor on Twitter or Facebook.
  • Discuss organ donation with your loved ones to find out their wishes and express your own
  • Share your story with us here

You can find out more about organ donation at and how to get involved here.

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