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Running for Rose – brother and sister take on the Great North Run

Adam Clarence from Lowton will be taking part in the Great North Run next weekend (September 12). The 38 year old software developer will be joined by his sister Vicki Gibbison and between them, they aim to raise £1,000 for a charity which means a lot to the family, Children’s Liver Disease Foundation (CLDF).

“We knew nothing about this charity until December last year when our 13-year-old daughter Rose fell ill,” explains Jennifer, Adam’s wife. “To begin with, we thought it was just a normal bug but when Rose didn’t improve, she was admitted to hospital where it was discovered that she had an enlarged spleen and cirrhosis of the liver. She was transferred to the specialist liver unit at Leeds for a biopsy to try to determine the cause of this damage.

“The biopsy revealed that Rose has a rare lifelong condition called autoimmune liver disease which means that her body’s immune system attacks the body’s own cells. There is no cure for this although the condition can be managed with medication. However, in Rose’s case because the condition showed no symptoms it has caused damage and scarring to her liver which cannot be reversed. She has also now developed a condition called portal hypertension. Thanks to close monitoring and a good response to medication, Rose is doing well at the moment, but there is a possibility she will need a liver transplant in the future.

“This all came as a massive shock to us and our world came crashing down,” continues Jennifer. “We were introduced to Children’s Liver Disease Foundation when Rose was admitted to Leeds General Infirmary and their support has proven invaluable. The charity exists solely to fight childhood liver disease and support family and friends at the same time. They are entirely dependent on donations to continue their life-changing work and the pandemic has severely affected their funding.

Jennifer and Adam Clarence (centre) pictured with daughter Rose (left) and Adam’s sister, Vicki Gibbison, who will be joining Adam in the Great North Run next weekend.


“Myself and Adam decided we’d like to do the Great North Run to help raise vital funds and my sister in law, Vicki, said she would join us. Unfortunately, I injured my ankle and won’t be able to run this year so I’ll be cheering from the sidelines with Rose and the rest of the family. I’m not sure what time they will achieve but they are determined to complete the course and if we hit our fundraising target, we’ll all be more than pleased.”

Alison Taylor, Chief Executive of Children’s Liver Disease Foundation commented: “CLDF is the only UK charity dedicated to fighting all childhood liver diseases, by providing information and emotional support, funds for research and a voice for all those affected. We’re delighted to hear that Jennifer, Adam and their family have found our support valuable and it’s brilliant that Adam and Vicki are doing the Great North Run for us. We wish them all the best for the day and hope they thoroughly enjoy the experience.”

You can support Adam’s Great North Run by going to

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