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Scotland Shielding User Research Interviews

User researchers within the Shielding division at Scottish Government want to find out more about people’s experiences of dealing with coronavirus. They are looking to speak to people in Scotland who have experience of shielding and who are also currently employed/self-employed. They are also particularly interested in speaking to parents of children who are shielding.

What will be discussed:

  • Experiences of working through the pandemic
  • Experiences of using the shielding service
  • Managing in the latest lockdown
  • How you might feel after receiving a vaccine

User researchers from the Scottish Government will be conducting the interview (either Grant, Fiona or Nicola), with a colleague from Scottish Government dialed in to take notes. Participants won’t need to prepare anything. The questions they ask will relate to your experiences and there’s no right or wrong answers.

The hope is that the information gathered will help the Shielding team respond during future stages of the pandemic.

They are hoping to carry out interviews between 13th-15th & 18th-20th January. Ideally, each phone interview will be for 60 minutes on a 1:1 basis. Available slots are below:


Further information and how to take part

If you would like to take part in the research, please forward your name, availability and contact number to information sheet with full details is available here.

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