Big Yellow Friday Stories

Every week 20 children in the UK are diagnosed with a life-threatening childhood liver disease. There is still no cure and little understanding about the causes and treatments.  All children affected will require a lifetime of care with many requiring transplant.

By joining in with #BigYellowFriday and raising vital funds you are helping Children’s Liver Disease Foundation to support the many children, young people and families affected.


Joseph’s story

My son Joseph has biliary atresia. His first few years were tough – he spent a lot of time in hospital – and Children’s Liver Disease Foundation were always there for us with information and support.

Joseph had not been at school long when his health deteriorated and he went on the transplant list. He was fortunate to receive his new liver when he was six and since then has gone from strength to strength.

Joseph’s school, St Charles Primary, had been really understanding of his condition right from the start, and continued to be brilliantly supportive when he was able to return. So when I knew Big Yellow Friday was coming up I decided to ask if they would get involved. I thought it would be a good way of helping other children understand a bit about Joseph’s liver condition and of giving something back to CLDF.

They loved the idea and we decided to have a yellow themed cinema afternoon showing the Minions Movie – what else?!

The afternoon was a huge success. The children paid £1 to come to school in yellow and watch the film with popcorn instead of Friday afternoon lessons! And it was a lovely way for Joseph’s school mates to show that they were really behind him. The local paper came along and took pictures, which was a great way of raising awareness. And we raised an amazing £520 for CLDF.

I would advise any parent whose child has a liver condition to ask their child’s school about joining in with Big Yellow Friday. It’s a great way for children to show their support and find out about a charity they may never had heard of.”

– Elizabeth, Joseph’s mum


Habiba’s story

“As a family we know all about the impact which child liver disease can have.

Habiba, who is the youngest of my five children, was diagnosed with biliary atresia at birth. By the time she was five her condition had deteriorated and we were told she needed a transplant.

Unfortunately, it was unsuccessful and a year later she underwent a second transplant. Sadly that failed too as did her third. It was only after her fourth liver transplant that she began to thrive. We had started to wonder whether her body could survive it all but she came through it and is now full of energy and doing well at school.

We have had so much support from CLDF that we always join in Big Yellow Friday. It’s a great way of raising awareness of children’s liver disease. So many people know nothing about it at all.

Habiba’s school are really supportive.  They always have a Wear Something Yellow Day and a cake and samosa sale – we have raised over £2,000 to date.

We are already planning next year’s event!”

– Farzana, Habiba’s mum


Tiffany’s story

“When your child has a liver disease it affects the whole family. My youngest child Tiffany, who is now two, received a liver transplant last year. Thankfully she is now doing really well but the support of Children’s Liver Disease Foundation has been invaluable to us all as a family.

So earlier this year I asked the staff at Abbey Primary School, where her older siblings go, if they would like to get involved in Big Yellow Friday and they were delighted to!

I suggested a Wear Yellow Day as it’s really easy to organise and all the pupils paid £1 to join in with that. In addition the Year Two and Year Three pupils put their heads together and decided they would like to do a sponsored walk.

I was really touched to get so much support from children and staff who don’t even know Tiffany. It just shows the response you can get when a school understands that something is directly affecting one of their own families.

They raised a fantastic £1,235 in total.

I felt so proud and so grateful that afterwards I went in to do a little talk at their assembly about liver disease and organ donation and the children were really receptive.

I know that we can all be a bit reluctant to approach schools about fundraising because they do get loads of requests from bigger charities. However when there is a personal connection it is a bit different and even if they only do a Wear Yellow Day it can bring in a lot of money.

I always say ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get’ so go for it!”

– Dee, Tiffany’s mum