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Talk, Tell, Transform – A Truly Inspiring Week!

By March 7, 2019 No Comments

Thank you to all our young people who attended Talk, Tell, Transform last month. Each year our young people never fail to amaze us, and we are so proud of the progress they all made throughout the week!TTT can often be a challenge  for  young people  as they are faced with the reality of  exploring their personal liver journey, telling their story  on camera and then editing this into an astounding exclusive video.

With the help of the CLDF Support team and our film-making experts the result is always uplifting, inspiring and often emotional.CLDF’s Young People Digital & Engagement Officer, Louise, said:“It was a fantastic week and  I am so proud to have spent this  time with all the young people that came to TT.  I it was an amazing week full of fun, hard work and determination . These young people created  videos which are  out of this world, and showed just how inspiring they all are.It was lovely to see them  go from not knowing anyone, feeling nervous and shy to become this empowered and resilient group of young people who have each other’s back.

Regardless of the distance between them they still remain in touch with one another and have planned to come to the CLDF Weekender to reunite.”We look forward to sharing the videos with you on CLDF YouTube channel here once they are ready:If you or anyone you know is interested in attending a CLDF Young People event, please click HERE to find out more information

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