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Thank you from a proud dad

Being on the liver transplant waiting list and getting that long-awaited phone call is an anxious and difficult time for the whole family. Dan shares his thoughts 10 years on from his son’s transplant:

Our son, Ryan, had a Kasai operation at 10 weeks old. Unfortunately, it was unsuccessful and exactly ten years ago we got the call to bring him into hospital for his transplant. At the time it was so hard to imagine we would be where we are today. There were a few minor complications post-transplant and having to re-learn how to walk was particularly frustrating for him.

He’s now growing into a typical teenager, something that seemed almost impossible back when we were handing him over to the surgeon and being told of all the possibilities that we had to prepare ourselves for. But here he is, growing from strength to strength, full of kindness and compassion and the most amazing big brother to his sister.

It’s been a lot for such a young mind to take in, being slightly different to his friends and having medication daily. The anxiety around his scar, which he used to call his zip has been difficult as he’s grown older. But he is a very happy boy transitioning into his teenage years.

I don’t believe in miracles but he’s definitely proof of how amazing modern day medicine is and we will never forget the sacrifice that was made for him to be here with us, happy and healthy.

Nor will we forget the people at King’s College Hospital and Children’s Liver Disease Foundation who’s care and expertise not only ensured we got our son back but helped us get through the most difficult of times where the light at the end of the tunnel was hardly visible.

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  • June Mason says:

    As Ryan’s grandparents we are so proud of Dan and Leanne and how they coped with the pressure of waiting for a transplant and then afterwards when he was recovering.
    Ryan himself makes us proud everyday, he is a charming And caring young man.
    Having lost my own son 2 weeks after Ryan’s transplant I know how brave and what sacrifice his donors family made when they gave him his liver. We will be forever grateful to them For that. ❤️❤️❤️

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