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Why Charlie is spreading the word about Transplant Football

Twelve year old Charlie, who had a liver transplant when he was three months old has been playing football since he was four. Now his enthusiasm for the game means he is part of a new initiative for the England Transplant Football Club

ETFC Transplant Football | Home of England Transplant FC was set up by Stevie Woodrow who, after receiving a life-saving kidney transplant 11 years ago, was keen to coach and compete competitively again.

It is England Transplant Football Club, an Accredited England Football Club, that has set up the Youth program for transplant kids and teens.

“Working in partnership with the FA, we’ve been able to make this dream come true,” explains Stevie. “We set up the youth programme for transplanted children and young people and are delighted, not only that Charlie is going to be a part of this but will be a Team Ambassador and will help us spread the word about transplant football amongst other young people.”

For Charlie, who plays in midfield for his local team, you just can’t have too much football.

“I am a true Red Devil, and a season ticket holder for Manchester United,” he says. ”I like the team spirit, the passion. I just love it watching and playing! So when I heard about the England Transplant Football Club, I was very keen to get involved.

“So far it’s been brilliant. I’ve been to the England training centre at St George’s Park and it was amazing to see where all my heroes have played. Now I’m excited to see where it can take us as a team. My dream would be to travel to the different stadiums in Europe to play but we’ll have to see how well we do!”

Charlie has always been determined not to let his liver condition stop him from doing what he enjoys:

“I’ve recently had some ‘work’ on my liver, and this was hard emotionally as I had to spend a lot of time in hospital. The staff do everything they can to make the stays as comfortable as possible, but I just want to be at home playing footy.

“I think transplant football is a great thing because when things get difficult it will help you to have a place of reassurance, fun and friendship. It’s also about making the most of the gift of life which we’ve all been given. Now I’m part of the England Transplant Football Club I’m looking forward to developing my skills, making friends, winning trophies and bringing it home!”

For Charlie’s mum, Lucy, the benefits of his involvement with Transplant Football are clear to see:

“It’s helped Charlie develop in confidence, not only on the pitch but in everyday life. He loved football before but his passion has grown even more. Its fab to see him in his kit, feeling proud of himself. It’s been a great morale booster and I think it’s a really positive thing to connect with other young people facing similar challenges.”

Would your child like the chance to take part in Transplant Football? There will be camps next weekend at St George’s Park, Staffordshire (May 13) and the University of Wolverhampton (May14). Find out more and register here    Upcoming Events › Transplant Football › | Transplant Football

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