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Why Larry has a leading role

By March 12, 2019 No Comments

On a recent visit to Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Louise from our support team was thrilled to meet a VIP guest, Larry the Liver Monkey, who was accompanying four year old Ethan to his clinic appointment.

“Ethan was very keen for me to meet Larry and I can understand why,” says Louise. “He’s very lovely and I discovered had been especially made for Ethan!”

Ethan’s mum Amy explains: “Ethan had never had a particularly favourite toy or any kind of comforter but when he was 18 months old we had a party for his first ‘liver birthday’ to celebrate his transplant anniversary. My friend Cat, who is very creative, had crocheted  Larry as a present for Ethan. Not only does he look very appealing but he has a transplant scar on his tummy identical to Ethan’s. None of his other toys could match that!”

Ethan took to Larry instantly. “He goes everywhere with him – he’s very well travelled – but most importantly he is by Ethan’s side for all hospital stays and appointments. We have always been very open with Ethan about his liver condition and why he has a scar and Larry has been a great help in reinforcing the fact that many people have scars and they are there for a reason. We’re delighted that he has been such a huge comfort to Ethan and I always ensure I never leave the house without Larry!”

Does your child have something special they like to bring to appointments or hospital stays? We would love to know about them. Please send your ‘comforter’ tales with a photo to 

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