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Big Yellow FridayCLDF BLOGS

Why not set yourself a Big Yellow Friday challenge!

Undertaking a challenge for Big Yellow Friday is a brilliant way to raise awareness and funds and it doesn’t have to be dangerous or scary.

For Big Yellow Friday last year, Teddy and Posey (who were then seven and five) undertook the challenge of walking 50 miles over a month, in support of their little cousin, Lola, who had recently been diagnosed with autoimmune liver disease and spent much of the previous Christmas in hospital.

Posey and Teddy clocked up 50 miles

“We wanted to do something to help and to show Lola we love her, so mummy, suggested a walk. 50 miles sounded cool,” they explained.

By doing a little every day, they not only clocked up the required distance but smashed their original target of £100, raising a fantastic £625 for CLDF!

The achievement meant they both felt justifiably proud of themselves:

“We thought it was quite a hard challenge to walk 50 miles in February, but we knew we could do it. After we had completed it, we felt very proud and victorious because 50 miles is a lot but we just had to do a little bit at a time. We were proud that we raised so much money for the charity because it helped our little cousin Lola”.

They were delighted to have succeeded in their challenge.

If you’d like to take on a Big Yellow Friday challenge to give you that winning feeling, please let us know. You can tell us your idea here or contact us at for materials and support.

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