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Why we are so proud to Be Positive

By November 12, 2018 No Comments

We at CLDF are delighted to welcome the launch of B+, a streetwear clothing brand which has a very special connection to us.

‘B+’ is the legacy of Mollie Barton who passed away in 2015, aged just 20, whilst waiting for a liver transplant that unfortunately never came. The inspiration for the brand name comes from Mollie’s blood type B+, her surname Barton, Birmingham Children’s Hospital where she was cared for and the ethos and motto that surrounded Mollie’s battle – to ‘be positive’ and remain hopeful throughout.

Mollie’s mum, Monica, and sister, Lauren have been spreading the ‘B+’ message around the world and raised almost £20,000 in the process. Now with the launch of their clothing brand they are hoping to take their awareness and fundraising to another level.

“Mollie could always be found in some sort of comfy tracksuit and baggy jumper so it only seemed appropriate to build a concept around this to honour her” explains Lauren. “Also its a very popular style of clothes for all ages of people which is what we wanted to make it. accessible to all. After all who doesn’t love a comfy jumper and joggers?!

“Although the idea had been in my head ever since we lost Mollie, I had no idea how to make it happen. After a lot of encouragement from family and friends I contacted the Princes Trust and went on their social enterprise course where I learnt so much. I then found the guys at Skizzar who made the website slick and easily accessible and here we are ready to go! I feel so proud that a project so close to our hearts has finally come to life.

“Ultimately, the ‘B+’ brand wishes to encourage everyone to turn adversity into positivity and to spread that love and hope around the world – an attitude which Mollie embodied and inspired in everyone she met.”

Not only have Lauren and her team come up with a great range of clothes and accessories but 50% of their profits will come straight to CLDF! Well done Lauren we are really proud of you.

Find out more at bpositivemollie

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