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‘You help us feel less isolated’ – Jayden’s story

‘You help us feel less isolated’ – Jayden’s story.

Jayden, who is eight and comes from Liverpool, was just a few months old when his family noticed he had a lump in his side.

“We took him to the GP who said it was nothing to worry about” says his grandad Stephen. “But I’m a nurse and I felt that something really wasn’t right, so I asked for a second opinion.”

Stephen’s instinct was right. Tests revealed that Jayden had cancer of the liver. He started chemotherapy immediately and received a liver transplant before he was a year old.

“He had his transplant at Birmingham Children’s Hospital,” says Stephen. “The staff there were just brilliant and luckily the operation was a success, but it was obviously a really difficult time for my daughter and the whole family. That was when we first met staff from Children’s Liver Disease Foundation. They would come into the ward and chat to us about what was happening. We found that really helpful.

“Jayden is doing pretty well now although he still has a number of health issues. He can’t do contact sports but he loves his Playstation! From our point of view, we find the information from CLDF really helpful. We don’t manage to get to events to meet families in person but we love to see stories on the website and know that other families are facing some of the same issues as us, such as having children who are immuno-surpressed and having children who don’t always want to take their meds! It helps us to feel less isolated and that is a real positive.”

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