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Young runners smash their target

In January, we shared five year-old Ada’s call for children to join her in running 20 miles during February to raise £1000 for CLDF.

Ada’s mum, Emma, hoped it would encourage children to exercise during lockdown and raise funds for a cause close to her heart.

Well the call was certainly answered! Not only did 230 young runners join Ada in her challenge, but they have smashed her original target, raising an amazing £12,000!

Children around the country joined in, including three year old Rhys who had his transplant in 2018 and his six year old brother Benjamin. They inspired their 12 year old cousin Jack and his friend, Charlie, to join in but make it a bit harder for themselves by doing 40 miles each!

Rhys and Benjamin had fun joining in.

Emma is thrilled with the response: “I was hoping we would raise £1,000 but this challenge just seemed to catch everyone’s imagination. Lockdown and home schooling this winter has not been easy, and I think this gave people a good excuse to get out of the house and have some fun with their children. Ada has loved it – and having so many of her friends take part has made it even more special.

The challenge has helped raise awareness of childhood liver disease too, attracting TV coverage in Yorkshire and the Midlands as well as regional and national press. You can see some of it here.

“It’s an amazing result,” says CLDF Chief Executive , Alison Taylor. “To see the fantastic effort which Ada and Emma have put in themselves and inspired in others, not to mention their incredible fundraising, is a real joy after a tough 12 months.”

Emma is not resting on her laurels though. “I’ve organised a 10K for March and I’m training for the London Marathon now, but I have a few more fundraising ideas up my sleeve – just watch this space!”

Ada got a fantastic response to her February challenge.


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