Fundraising Ideas

#BigYellowFriday is an exciting opportunity to help raise money for Children’s Liver Disease Foundation.

If you need some inspiration for your Big Yellow Friday fundraiser check out these fundraising ideas for home, work or school. We also have lots of additional fundraising resources available to download here.

For top tips and advice get in touch with the fundraising team at or 0121 212 3839.

Ideas For You

Virtual Quiz Night

Who doesn’t love a quiz? Pick your date, download your quiz (there are so many to choose from online) and decide if it's going to be 'real life' or on Zoom. And if you find yourself meeting real quiz resistance, there’s always good old bingo!

The Live Challenge

Set yourself a challenge (or ask someone else to). Maybe it’s a physical one like keepy- uppies or hula hooping in the garden. Or perhaps you’re going to let your child do your make up or cut your hair. Either way you can ask for sponsors and then live stream the experience for everyone’s entertainment!

Night School – with a difference

Are you the best at baking, magic at make up or are your perfect nails the envy of your friends? Invite people round for a night school with a difference and share those skills – in return for a donation!

Big Yellow Bikeathon

Organise a Big Yellow bikeathon (from the comfort of your own home or gym!) – challenge yourself to cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

Ideas For Work

Colleague Challenge

Which of your colleagues is the least likely to have their nails painted yellow, wear a Minion costume for the day or devour a pint of custard while you watch? Sponsor the brave and it’s worth even more if you can have live pictures!

Big Yellow Virtual Coffee Morning

The office bake sale is always a winner. Whether you've perfected a sponge worthy of the Great British Bake Off or grabbed a box of cakes on the way into work, no-one minds - it's an excuse for a treat - Happy Friday!

Yellow Fancy Dress

Wear Yellow days are an easy fundraiser and working from home is no excuse not to join in. Who says you can’t do that Zoom meeting dressed as a giant banana?!

Big Yellow Sweepstake

Get your colleagues guessing by downloading a Big Yellow sweepstake – an easy way to get involved!

Ideas For School

Big Yellow Day

Organise a Big Yellow Day (or week!) by wearing yellow and arranging yellow themed activities. If you’re going for a full week, top it off by holding a Big Yellow party on Big Yellow Friday itself!

Baby It’s You!

Ask teachers to bring in photos of when they were little and put them on display. Pupils make a donation to guess who is who, with a prize for whoever gets the most right.

Get Crafty

Decorate your own pot and plant some sunflowers in the build up to Big Yellow Friday. Organise a plant sale after school on the big day and invite parents and family.

Big Yellow Walk

Organise a Big Yellow sponsored walk around the school grounds, or a mini marathon or sponsored toddle.