What is the CLDF Star Fund?

Did you know that in the UK we sent 900 million Christmas cards last year?

That’s a lot of cards, a lot of writing and a lot of stamps!

If you were to donate what you were to spend on posting Christmas cards this year to the CLDF Star Fund, you could fund some paperwork of a completely different kind.

Why should I support the CLDF Star Fund?

Childhood liver disease is rare, complex and means a lifetime of medical care. CLDF is the only UK charity dedicated to fighting all childhood liver diseases. We provide families with information and support when they need it most. We also provide medical professionals with information on rare conditions they may only see once in their career.

So a donation of:

£5 would fund a pack to help a family whose child has just been diagnosed with incurable liver disease

£20 would fund a GP surgery pack, providing medical staff with the facts on rare conditions they will not come across every day

£100 would fund 24 Yellow Alert packs enough to ensure a whole district of health visitors knows how to spot the vital signs of liver disease in newborn babies and what action to take.

Even without cards there are still many ways you can send your Christmas wishes to your friends and family! Download our Star Fund poster and display at your workplace or school. Then instead of sending cards to people you see every day encourage your team to write a Christmas message on the poster and make a donation to CLDF.

If you are yet to purchase your Christmas cards, then why not send a CLDF ecard instead? Otherwise you can simply donate to the fund here. If you do donate, don’t forget you can share on social media that you’ve given to the Star Fund with our social media graphics for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Thank you so much for your support and for helping us to post something really meaningful this Christmas!

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