Talk, Tell Transport Films

The following films were created by 16-18 year olds on CLDF’s Talk, Tell, Transform project and share an aspect of their liver disease journey.

Courtney (2019)

Meet Courtney who shares her thoughts on life with a ‘hidden’ health condition and the value of real friends. Watch Courtney’s story to find out why life can be tricky with a hidden health condition and why she believes the sky is not the limit….

Millie (2019)

Meet Millie who sums up beautifully why she is so grateful for her second chance at life following her transplant and how she now makes the most of every opportunity she has.

Chris (2019)

16 year old Christopher talks movingly about how a diagnosis of liver disease changed his childhood and how he is moving forward. Watch Christopher’s story for an honest account of how liver disease can change a childhood and hear his hopes for the future.

Jessica (2019)

Jess explains why the rare liver disease she can’t even pronounce has made her even more determined for the future. “It just looked like I was not a nice kid.” Jess reveals some of the unexpected symptoms of her rare liver condition and shares her plans for going forward!

Hannah (2019)

Meet Hannah, a bright and determined young lady who has her own way of escaping the stresses of life with a rare liver condition. Hear her unique perspective on life after a liver transplant and why she feels her story is only just beginning.

Faith (2019)

“I’m a shooting star” – watch Faith’s story and see how suffering liver failure as a baby has shaped her whole outlook on life…..

Theo (2019)

Watch Theo’s story to find out how you can still live a normal life when you’re 6 foot 8 with a rare liver condition, and needle phobic …

Harry (2019)

Meet Harry who speaks honestly about how his transplant scar still affects him, and his honest account of how he is coming to terms with his scar from surgery 16 years’ ago.

Emma (2019)

Introducing Emma who despite the huge hurdles she has faced, she maintains her sunny outlook and is so proud of her scar.