Talk, Tell Transform Films

The following films were created by 16-18 year olds on CLDF’s Talk, Tell, Transform project.

Talk Tell Transform (2020)

Hear about the powerful impact Talk Tell Transform has had on the young people who attended. The project allows those aged 16-24 diagnosed with a liver disease to attend a four night residential where they can share their story, make friends and have fun.

Gemma’s Story (2020)

‘People need people’ … Meet Gemma who shares her experiences of how her health condition made her feel growing up. Despite her challenges, her uplifting personality never fails to show you that she is more than her condition.

Charlina’s Story (2020)

Meet Charlina, a determined young lady who despite her challenges never gave up on her dream and vision.

Mollie’s Story (2020)

Meet Mollie who shares how she is ‘slowly learning to love her scar’ after such very recent life changing experiences.

Constance’s Story (2020)

When you have a dream that is all you ever wanted, developing a liver condition which changes that dream is incredibly difficult. Meet Constance, find out about her dream and how she is finding the courage to pursue a new aspiration with the support of her family and friends.

Mahalia’s Story (2020)

Meet 16 year old Mahalia who in her unique style shares her experiences post-transplant. Discover how she is taking steps forward.

Leanna’s Story (2020)

Meet Leanna who shares her positive and determined outlook despite the challenges she faces. Find out how she inspires and supports others to learn to ‘ride the wave’.

Aleesha’s Story (2020)

Meet Aleesha who shares her positive outlook, embracing her health conditions despite the hurdles she has faced with having multiple health conditions.

Caitlin’s Story (2020)

Meet Caitlin who shares her journey of being reminded of the odds. Listen to her resilient and determined attitude to live life to the full.