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A fantastic achievement!


We were delighted to have 16 runners taking part in the London Marathon this year raising money to support children and young people affected by childhood liver disease. We were equally pleased that the sun was (mostly) shining and not only did everyone complete the course but apparently also enjoyed themselves!

Some of Team CLDF were first time marathon runners and found that the experience lived up to expectation. Louis, pictured above, felt that it was “a life-affirming experience in every sense”. Ella agreed: “It was an amazing experience,” she reported. “And I’m glad I got to do it for such a good cause!”


Matthew, pictured here with his proud parents after the event, said: “I found it very difficult as you would expect, but extremely rewarding and the support throughout the day is something you need to see to believe”.

Jennifer agreed: “It was a wonderful experience, hard at points but London is amazing and we do it so well”.

At the other end of the scale, for veteran runner, Paul, it was his 33rd London Marathon so a regular fixture on the calendar for him and his wife, Liz, who has joined him on many marathons in the past.

“We’d had a very worrying week after Paul had a fall in the Reading Half Marathon the previous weekend,” she explained. “He was determined to take part, however, so he took it easy and just enjoyed the race. I managed to see him at Cutty Sark and then again at 17 and 24 miles. It was extremely busy trying to get around on foot and trains. I did OK and snuck in where I could. It’s hard work spectating but not as hard as running!”

For some of our runners, however, it seems that one marathon is simply not enough! Brothers, Tom and Lucas, had taken part in the Paris Marathon only two weeks previously. Tom’s wife, Rachael, who ran Paris with him, said: “We can’t believe it’s all over! London was crazy busy but we had an amazing weekend and believe our fundraising is now up to £7,000”


Rosie, pictured here with her brother Joe who inspired her challenge, was also aiming for two marathons in two weeks and reported: “London was so amazing, and I was delighted with my time . All the hard work paid off and I’m now gearing up for Copenhagen!”


Whether you’ve got the marathon bug or you’re happy to have ticked it off your bucket list, running a marathon for a cause you care about is a huge fundraising and training commitment. To date, our London Marathon runners for CLDF and British Liver Trust have raised an amazing  £58,000. Well done and thank you to you all!

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