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Ada is planning a challenging summer!

The school summer holidays may have just begun but eight year old Ada has no intention of lazy lie-ins! In her ongoing mission to raise funds for CLDF, she has set herself a target of £1,000 with three big challenges:

Crazy cartwheels

Ada, a cheerleader for Castleford Tigers, who goes dancing several nights a week, loves a cartwheel. When she calculated that she would be off school for a total of 40 days, she decided that would enable her to do a total of 3,000 cartwheels, averaging 75 a day.

East coast walk

On August 11th, Ada will join 12 other members of her family ranging in age from 7 to 77 for a coastal walk from Whitby to Filey. They’ll be covering 30 miles in three days, no doubt with countless cartwheels along the way!

Snowdon climb

At the end of the school holidays, Ada and her mum and dad are off to Wales to climb Mount Snowdon. It’s 3650 feet to the top – a lot for little legs –  but Ada is a very determined lady.


Ada’s mum, Emma, is well used to having to keep up with her daughter and is delighted she’s putting her unstoppable energy to good use.

“Ada doesn’t like to sit still for long and the way we see it, that’s no bad thing. Although she has been well since her Kasai, one day she is likely to need a liver transplant and we want her to be as fit and strong as possible before she faces that surgery. And if that means helping other children along the way, then so much the better!”

You can support Ada’s summer fundraising challenge here Emma Butterfield is fundraising for Children’s Liver Disease Foundation (

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