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Children feel on top of the world

We all know that taking on a challenge feels better when you’ve got company so hats off to the 16 children, 20 adults and Sid the sausage dog who joined seven year old Ada, one of CLDF’s most tireless fundraisers, on a climb up Pen-y-ghent on June12. 

It may have been almost midsummer but the weather was anything but kind to the group as they took on the 2277 feet climb which took them three hours and 17000 steps. 

“The kids were amazing”, says Ada’s mum, Emma. “We had a few tears at one point but that’s hardly surprising as they were on all fours scrambling up to the top with gale force winds and rain in their little faces. 

“They were all so proud of themselves for making it to the top, though. One took a look at the view and said ‘Wow we are higher up than God’!” 

They all had good reason to be proud. As well as climbing the peak, they raised a fantastic £1500 for CLDF – congratulations all!  

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