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“CLDF has given me amazing support” – A Young Person’s Perspective

We’ve heard a lot in the past couple of weeks about the stress which young people have gone through in relation to exam results and the uncertainty about university places. For many young people with a liver disease, that stress has come after weeks of isolation due to coronavirus. Here Katy * tells us how CLDF helped her through:

CLDF has given me amazing support during lockdown. They have given me the opportunity to connect with other families and young people who were also shielding. Lockdown has been really tough for everyone but especially for those of us who were shielding. It has been great to be able to share and talk about experiences with people who understand what it’s like and have the same anxieties and concerns. It’s been particularly helpful to connect with other young people who were shielding and are now going into higher education at this very strange time. I liked talking to people in the same situation as me and being able to support each other. CLDF also arranged a really helpful Zoom session to help people make decisions about higher education choices. My family have been involved with CLDF for many years but their work over the last few months has really shown how important their work is for children and families affected by liver disease.

To find out more about how CLDF can support you and your child click here.

*Not her real name




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