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CLDF welcomes report which questions subjective nature of jaundice assessment

CLDF welcomes the review led by the NHS Race and Health Observatory which raises concerns about a focus on skin colour in routine checks for newborns. Concerns over focus on skin colour in newborn checks – BBC News

The report raises concerns about the “subjective nature” of guidelines for assessing jaundice.

It calls for more consistent training for healthcare staff and parents on how to spot jaundice in babies belonging to ethnic minorities

“We have long felt that skin colour alone is not a reliable indicator of jaundice,”  says CLDF CEO, Rebecca Cooper. Stool colour is a more consistent indicator, which is why we include the stool chart in our Yellow Alert pack, which is available free to all health professionals” (link to YA page).

“We welcome this report and would be happy to work with any relevant organisation to facilitate the necessary training.”

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