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Critical elements of pediatric liver cancer surgery

Title: Critical elements of pediatric liver cancer surgery

Source: Seminars in Pediatric Surgery 2023, 32 (5): 151340

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Date of publication: November 2023

Publication type: Guidance

Abstract: The appropriate management of pediatric liver malignancies, primarily hepatoblastoma and hepatocellular carcinoma, requires an in depth understanding of contemporary preoperative risk stratification, experience with advanced hepatobiliary surgery, and a good relationship with one’s local or regional liver transplant center. While chemotherapy regimens have become more effective, operative indications more well-defined, and overall survival improved, the complexity of liver surgery in small children provides ample opportunity for protocol violation, inadequate resection, and iatrogenic morbidity. These guidelines represent the distillation of contemporary literature and expert opinion as a means to provide a framework for preoperative planning and intraoperative decision-making for the pediatric surgeon.

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