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Cystic fibrosis screening, evaluation and management of hepatobiliary disease consensus recommendations

Title: Cystic fibrosis screening, evaluation and management of hepatobiliary disease consensus recommendations

Source: Hepatology 2023, Oct 26. [E-publication]

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Date of publication: October 2023

Publication type: Consensus recommendations

Abstract: Background and Aims: Cystic fibrosis (CF) may cause a spectrum of hepatobiliary complications, including portal hypertension, multilobular cirrhosis, and liver failure. Current guidelines on the detection and monitoring of hepatobiliary complications in CF were published in 1999. The CF Foundation assembled a committee to evaluate research advances and formulate revised guidelines for CF-associated liver disease.

Approach: A committee of hepatologists, gastroenterologists, pulmonologists, pharmacist, nurse, dietitian, individual with CF, and parent of a child with CF devised “population, intervention, comparison, and outcome” (PICO) questions regarding hepatobiliary disease in CF. PubMed literature searches were performed for each PICO question. Recommendations were voted on with 80% agreement required to approve a recommendation. Public comment on initial recommendations was solicited prior to formulation of final recommendations.

Results: 31 PICO questions were assembled, 6,401 manuscripts were title screened for relevance, with 1,053 manuscripts undergoing detailed full text review. Seven recommendations were approved for screening, 13 for monitoring of existing disease, and 14 for treatment of CF-associated hepatobiliary involvement or advanced liver disease. One recommendation on liver biopsy did not meet the 80% threshold. One recommendation on screening ultrasound was revised and re-voted on.

Conclusions: Through a multidisciplinary committee and public engagement, we have assembled updated recommendations and guidance on screening, monitoring and treatment of CF-associated hepatobiliary involvement and advanced liver disease. While research gaps remain, we anticipate that these recommendations will lead to improvements in CF outcomes through earlier detection and increased evidence-based approaches to monitoring and treatment.

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